Chicago Pneumatic CPRD 7.5hp 200ltr Piston Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic CPRD 7.5hp 200ltr Piston Compressor



Chicago Pneumatic CPRD 7.5hp 200ltr Piston Compressor

The CPRD 8270 piston compressor is perfect for medium, to large professional workshops! This Chicago Pneumatic is a two stage, belt driven piston compressor.
The benefit of a belt driven air compressor is that these belt driven units are designed to deliver more air and higher pressures to increase the number of
possible applications. The CPRD Series is designed to offer more air and higher pressures with large dual compression pumps for more demanding applications.

Professional Top Performance Belt Driven CPRD Series
This 7.5hp, 32.7 cfm, 3 phase compressor is coupled with a 200 litre tank, complete with an aftercooler for increased efficiency. This CPRD 8200 features
strong components, optimal air flows, inter-and aftercoolers, and we guarantee the reliability and efficiency required in medium to bigger sized workshops
and service stations. If you want a top quality compressor for that delivers on performance, our CPRD 8200 is a CE certified vessel, with strong reliable
pressure switch, safe and robust protection panels, and quality high performance pumps.

CPRD Features

  • Powerful & reliable pump
  • Efficient dual compression
  • Intercooler & aftercooler
  • Direct On Line (DOL) Starter
  • Large 200 L air receiver
  • Reliable & Durable


Ideal Usage: Professional workshop
Type: Two-Stage Belt Drive Piston
Motor Size: 7.5 hp (5.5 kW)
Tank Sizes: 200 L
Pump Displacement: 826 L/min (32.7 CFM)
Maximum Pressure: 11 bar
Weight: 210 kg
Dimensions: 1,520 x 590 x 1,260 mm

Range: CPRD – Tank Mounted Three Phase Pistons – Lubricated – Aluminium In Line Pump – 2 Stage
Part Number: 4116022971
Model: CPRD 8200 NS39 FT**
Description: 7.5hp, NS39 pump, 200L tank, 3 Phase, 11bar, 827 l/m air displ, 160 kgs

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