Chicago Pneumactic CP IRONMAN 3hp 100ltr Piston Compressor

Chicago Pneumactic CP IRONMAN 3hp 100ltr Piston Compressor



Chicago Pneumatic CP IRONMAN 5.5HP 270ltr Cast Iron Piston Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic Ironman cast iron piston compressors range from 2 hp to 15 hp and have a low rpm, contributing to a longer lifetime.
The CP Ironman piston compressors are highly efficient with more CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) per horsepower.
Each unit comes with a renowned Condor Pressure Switch, adding to the reliability of these machines.

Professional Performance and Reliability

Slow turning, long lifetime cast iron pumps with two years warranty, provide strong performance.
Optimal cooling is guaranteed by using cylinder heads with deep cooling fins, a cast iron flywheel and a strong copper outlet pipe.
The large oil sight glass makes it easy to check the oil level. The long lifetime and low wear level of the pump are made possible by making use
of a cast iron shaft, connecting rod and cylinders. Losses are minimized thanks to the use of stainless steel valves and valve plates.

Ironman Features

  • MEPS compliant, highly efficient IP55 motor with copper windings guarantees reliable protection from dust, oil and water.
  • Reliable operation with high-quality Condor pressure switch installed on all models.
  • AS certified air tanks up to 500 litres with forklift feet for better performance and easy transportation.
  • Full range of specially selected cast iron pumps. High-quality components.
  • Easy maintenance and clear oil level indicators. Single phase models are delivered with filter-regulator and quick-couplings.
  • To improve mobility the single phase units are equipped with two solid, rubber wheels and feet.


Ideal Usage:                     Professional
Type:                                 Cast Iron
Motor Size:                      3 hp | 2.2 kW
Tank Sizes:                      100 Litre
Pump Displacement:     14.13 CFM | 400 (l/min)
Noise Level:                     73 dB(A)
Weight:                             93 kg
Dimensions:                    936 x 430 x 1045 mm

Range:                              CP Ironman – Tank Mounted Single Phase Pistons – Lubricated – Cast Iron V Pump – 1 Stage
Part Number:                 1129740153
Model:                             CP IRONMAN 3-100 AUS
Description:                   3.0hp, 100L tank, Single Phase, 10bar, 400 l/m air displ, 83 kgs

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