Chicago Pneumatic CPX30 Refrigerated Dryer to suit Screw Air Compressor

Chicago Pneumatic CPX30 Refrigerated Dryer to suit Screw Air Compressor


Chicago Pneumatic CPX30 Refrigerated Dryer to suit Screw Air Compressor
It is impossible to imagine present-day production and process sequences without compressed air.
As modern day industries are increasingly imposing ever high quality demands, it is not just a matter of producing certain quantity of compressed air but also of confirming with defined purity criteria.
Thus the need for pure and dry compressed air is of paramount importance.
Lower cost of the distribution plant, which can be made without slopes, seperators and condensate drains, but simply with fittings derived at “T” directly from the distribution ring
Lower maintenance costs for the distribution network, since it isn’t necessary to drain the line seperators and to verify the operation of the drain, and for the machines using the compressed air as moisture can cause faulty operation in pneumatic tools and dryer reduces such causes
Digital controller with safety alarm function
Energy savings due to less line pressure drops
Longer life of the pneumatic equipment since the use of dry air assures reliable performance in time
Greater productivity with a reduction on downtimes of machines
Better quality of the final product both in the applications where the compressed air gets in contact with the product and when the air is used only to move the machine sevomechanisms
Refrigeration compressor driven by electric motor cooled by the refrigerating fluid itself and protected against thermal overload
Refrigeration condenser air cooled, well seized with high thermal exchange
Motor fan IP 54 for the cooling flow of the condenser
Air-refrigerant evaporator with high thermal exchange and low losses of load
Host gas by-pass valve adjusts the refrigerating potential in all load conditions avoiding the formation of ice in the system
Sturdily built structure self bearing, case in over powder coated steel
Filter collects inpurties to protect the condensate dischage system
Capacity: 32 cfm @ 350C Ambient & 400C Inlet @ 7 bar pressue
Max pressure: 13 bar
Refrigerent: R-134a
Dimensions (L x W x H): 352x430x445mm
Weight: 30kg
1 Year with Chicago Pneumatic


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