When you need a compressor that will meet your low compressed air requirements or High Pressure up to 40 Bar the Chicago Pneumatic piston compressors will do the job. These piston compressors come in many different versions and are used in applications where compressed air usages are low or require High Pressure. This means that we are sure to have a piston or booster compressor suitable for your Industrial or Professional application.

CP Hosereel Compressor – Air Compressor with Hose Reel – 1 kW / 1.5 hp

CP’s new hose reel unit is a convenient addition to your workshop. You get a compact compressor and a
10-meter hose in a sturdy casing that is mounted directly on your wall to save space. Just press the start button
to inflate, staple and paint away. With 8 bar (max) pressure, you have plenty of punch to get your projects done
quickly and easily. The units are oil-free, which means zero risk of contaminated air, zero chance of oil spills
and less maintenance. If you are looking for a true no-hassle compressor, CP’s hose reel is your ideal solution.

| 1.5 HP | 8 bar | 180 l/min

CP Ironman Series – Belt Driven Industrial Piston Compressor

Slow turning, long lifetime cast iron pumps with two years warranty, providing strong performance. Optimal cooling is guaranteed by using cylinder heads with deep cooling fins, a cast iron flywheel and a strong copper outlet pipe. The large oil sight glass makes it easy to check the oil level. The long lifetime and low wear level of the pump are made possible by making use of a cast iron shaft, connecting rod and cylinders. Losses are minimized thanks to the use of stainless steel valves and valve plates.

| 2 – 15 HP | 50 – 270 LTR |

Available Models:

CP Ironman 2-50 AUS
2HP, 50l Tank, Single Phase – 10amp, 10 bar, 295l/min, 70kgs

CP Ironman 2-100 AUS
2HP, 100l Tank, Single Phase – 10amp, 10 bar, 295l/min, 83kgs

CP Ironman 3-100 AUS
3HP, 100l Tank, Single Phase – 15amp, 10 bar, 400l/min, 83kgs

CP Ironman 5-150 AUS
5.5HP, 150l Tank, Three Phase, 10 bar, 718l/min, 25.4cfm, 190kgs

CP Ironman 7-270 AUS
7.5HP, 270l Tank, Three Phase, 10 bar, 1030l/min, 36.4cfm, 285kgs

CP Ironman 10-270 AUS
10HP, 270l Tank, Three Phase, 10 bar, 1470l/min, 52cfm, 350kgs

CPRD Series – Belt Driven Reciprocating Compressor

Belt driven units are designed to deliver more air and higher pressures to increase the number of possible applications. Strong components, optimal air flows, inter- and aftercoolers, guarantee the reliability and efficiency required in medium to bigger sized workshops and service stations.

| 5.5, 7.5 & 10 HP | 150 & 200 LTR |

Available Models:

CP 6150 NS39 FT
5.5HP, 150l Tank, Three Phase, 11 bar, 653l/min, 23cfm, 140kgs

CP 8200 NS39 FT
7.5HP, 200l Tank, Three Phase, 11 bar, 827l/min, 29.2cfm, 160kgs

CP 10200 NS59S
10HP, 200l Tank, Three Phase, 11 bar, 1210l/min, 42.7cfm, 170kgs

CPRS Series – Silent Performance Reciprocating Compressor

While performance is always a given for our complete piston offer, sometimes the ultimate user comfort is also required. For situations where compressors are used extensively while being installed close to the workplace, our silent range offers an ideal match

Available in Stand Alone, Tank Mounted or Full Feature | 3, 5.5, 7.5 & 10 HP |

Available Models:

7.5HP, Basemount, Three Phase, 11 bar, 26.5cfm, 68dBA

CPRS 100 NS59 FT
10HP, Basemount, Three Phase, 11 bar, 36cfm, 68dBA

10HP, Basemount with 27l Tank, Three Phase, 11 bar, 11.3cfm, 68dBA

CPRS 10500 NS59 FT
10HP, 500l Tnak, Three Phase, 11 bar, 36cfm, 68dBA

Chicago Pneumatic CPRG750 Kohler Petrol Compressor

CP SF302 Kohler Petrol Piston Compressor

CP SF302 KOHLER petrol air compressor is built with a tough 3 cylinder
heavy duty cast iron pump, and is powered by a 6.5 hp Kohler petrol motor!
This single stage belt driven compressor is suitable for trade and commercial
workshops. This air compressor is slow revving with high output, and is
suitable for wrenches, ratchets, drills, grinders, and sanders.

  • Tough 3-cylinder cast iron pump
  •  Low speed pump designed to reduce temperature
  • Powered by KOHLER 6.5 HP petrol motor
  •  Finned tube Intercooler
  •  Portable with 50 L air receiver
  •  Easy oil check and refill
  • Powered by KOHLER 6.5 HP petrol motor
  • Max Pressure: 10bar, 145psi
  • Displacement: 542L/m 19cfm
  • Free air delivery: 400L/m 14cfm
  • Tough 3-cylinder cast iron pump
  • Portable with 50 L air receiver