Adaptive Air Compressor’s selection of high-quality electric rotary screw air compressors are designed feature-rich and proven reliable to meet the demands of all industrial applications.

When you require a constant demand for air, Chicago Pneumatic screw compressors provide the perfect solution. By using a rotary screw element, the air is compressed in a stable flow efficiently. We have screw compressors available to all parts of Australia, to ensure you receive the right solution based on your needs. Our screw compressors will provide you with a compact, reliable and energy efficient solution.

Get your compressor’s running parameters and status as email or text message, and take action before it’s too late. Discover our Intelligent Connectivity System!


Increased reliability

Your equipment’s performance is available at the click of a mouse

No surprises

Potential problems are detected before they can lead to production loss

Planned costs

Service is ordered ahead of time, making costs transparent and well-planned

Get remote insight into your compressed air system. Check running parameters and service status on a user-friendly platform. And take action well before it’s too late.

Proactive planning

Profitability starts with insight. Always knowing the performance of your compressor allows you to make smart use of resources. With ICONS, you can plan maintenance proactively and at just the right time. Potential problems are recognized before they can pose a threat to the continuity of your production.

Fast response times

With ICONS, you can consult the compressor status online, at any time. But it also gives you a direct link to your equipment distributor. He can advise you better than ever, and help to prevent interruptions by fixing problems at an early stage. Your organizational efficiency will improve as well, as service visits are planned better.

Choose your service level

Depending on your needs and priorities, you can choose the level of insight you want from ICONS:

RIGHTIME: online logging and a monthly service email

Always knowing the right time for service, you can plan your resources and costs while making sure your compressor keeps running efficiently.

UPTIME: warnings forwarded as emails and/or text messages

So you can take corrective action and avoid a breakdown. UPTIME is all about maximum equipment uptime, with a clear list of events and availability performance dashboard.