CPX Series – Compressed Air Refrigerant Dryer

The CPX series dryer creates dry quality air that prolongs the life of tools and equipment at the processs end. This is a compact, high efficiency device that meets continuous air demand.

| 15 – 2374 CFM |

AD Series – Compressed Air Refrigerant Dryer

The AD series is a well-tested and popular product at a competitive value. Pneumatech’s reliable and innovative noncycling refrigerated dryers are a cost effective solution to remove condensation andthe resultant corrosion from your compressed air system.

| 12.4 – 2966 CFM |

PH HE Series – Compressed Air Desiccant Dryer

The PH HE (high efficiency) series are an innovative and energy efficient product at a competitve value. This high efficiency version offers you a wide range of features and options.

| 2 – 636 CFM |

CP Inline Filter Series

The CP inline filter series incorporates a multi-layer design including a stainless steel inner and outer core to ensure long life and total element integrity. The range includes pre-filter, coalescence filter, high efficiency coalescence filter condensate separator and activated carbon filter. Accessories include differential pressure and clogging gauges and a range or manual and fully automatic drains.

| 60 – 2400 m3/hr |