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CPVSm 40 to 60 HP Screw Air Compressors – Chicago Pneumatic

A highly reliable gear transmission.

A belt-driven compressor has a higher risk of downtime and maintenance- related costs. Unscheduled belt tensioning and replacement cause productivity losses and there is always the risk of post-service belt misalignment. That is why the CPVSM comes with a gear drive transmission. You have no belts to replace and enjoy lower operating (service) costs. What is more, the CPVSM is 3% more energy efficient compared to belt-driven compressors.

Your production relies on compressed air, so you know the value of a compressor you can always count on. The CPVSm was built to be your no-hassle, zero-frustration work floor companion. While typically compressors in this segment are belt-driven, our newest oil-injected rotary screw compressor comes with a direct gear transmission. That means no belts to tension, maintain and replace.

The CPVSm also features an advanced touch controller with integrated connectivity to easily manage and monitor your compressed air system. The result: reliability, ease-of-use and limited maintenance from the very first moment you commission your new CPVSm.

The new CPCM comes standard equipped with an ES4000S controller that manages and monitors compressor performance. Easy to use, the ES4000S and the optional ES4000T with touch screen give you compressor updates and service alerts before they become a problem.
The integrated connectivity gives you the advanced benefits of remote monitoring and management:
– Remote monitoring that helps you optimize your compressed air system and save energy.
– On-time maintenance to optimize costs and ensure a longer machine life.
– Potential problems are recognized before they can pose a threat to the continuity of your production.