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CPVS PM 60 to 95 HP Screw Air Compressors – Chicago Pneumatic

Revolutionary Energy Efficiency.

With operational efficiency in mind, Chicago Pneumatic has designed the CPVS PM, a range of variable speed direct driven compressors to offer your business a compressed air solution that adds value and saves you money at the same time. How? Through groundbreaking iPM motor technology that pushes energy efficiency to the next level, providing you with energy savings of up to 45%.

How much energy could you save in your existing compressor installation?
Why invest in CPVS PM? Why variable speed compressors?

Energy costs represent about 70% of the total operating cost of your compressor over a 5-year period. Therefore reducing the energy consumption of your compressed air installation should be a major focus to ensure the lowest cost of ownership.

Contact us for an energy audit. We will measure the air demand and energy consumption of your existing installation and generate a detailed report at the end. Based on your specific situation we can simulate and show how much your energy costs would reduce with a CPVS PM. If you would decide to invest in a CPVS PM, you can expect a typical payback of 1-2 years.

Continuous investment in product development has resulted in our most innovative and energy efficient compressor to date. A groundbreaking drive train coupled with our Imperium
inverter has pushed energy efficiency to the next level, bringing energy savings of up to 45%. Designed with the customer in mind, the CPVS PM range delivers premium performance at a minimal energy cost.

With the CPVS PM, reliable productivity becomes a given. Maintenance-free components enable higher uptime and consumables with a long lifetime ensure low total cost of ownership. Last but not least, this range offers you peace of mind, packaged in a proven canopy design with already thousands of installations around the globe.