CPC G Range – 40 to 60 HP
CPD G Range – 75 to 100 HP
CPE Range – 100 to 150 HP

Our CPC-CPD-CPE compressors with fixed speed control use load/unload regulation. The compressor turns to unload mode as soon as the set pressure is reached, and then starts the routine again when the pressure drops below its level. This ensures to deliver a constant air capacity.

CPC50GT Screw Air Compressor
CPC G 40-60 CPD G 75-100 CPE 100-150
CPE120 Screw Air Compressor

Belt driven compressors
CPC / CPD Series 30 – 75 kW / 40 – 100 hp

The CPC / CPD belt-driven range of oil-injected screw compressors is the true standard in the industry. The components have been carefully selected to assure optimal quality and reliability. While the footprint is reduced thanks to the smart transmission system and component arrangement, performance is guaranteed thanks to the inhouse designed air end.

Gearbox driven compressors
CPC / CPD / CPE 30 – 110 kW / 40 – 150 hp

Thanks to the robust design of the gear driven range, you can rely on high quality compressed air for the most
demanding applications. The maintenance-free heavy duty gear drive eliminates losses and maximizes productivity.  While components are carefully selected assuring quality and reliability, installation and maintenance is kept simple thanks to the easy accessibility. On top, cooling performance is guaranteed by the oversized cooler package and the high efficiency cooling fan is designed to deliver a high cooling flow at a low noise level.