CPM 2.2 to 15 kW 4 in 1 Air Compressors – Chicago Pneumatic

With a compact footprint and low noise level, CPM all-in-one compressed air stations can be located directly adjacent to the worksite.

The rotary screw compressor, air tank, refrigerant dryer and dual filters are integrated into a stand-alone compressed air system.

Mini Range 3 – 7.5HP – Available in Basemount, 200ltr Tank Only and 200ltr Tank Plus Refrigeration Air Dryer configurations.

Maxi Range 10 – 20HP – Available in Basemount, 500ltr Tank Only and 500ltr Tank Plus Refrigeration Air Dryer configurations.

CPM 20- 40HP – Available in Basemount and Full Feature Including 500ltr Tank and Dryer w. Pre/Post Filters

Optional Upgrade to 10bar.

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