MX 100/140 Series – Mobile Compressor 225/350Bar

The MX 100/140 series is optimised for professionaluse. Low rpm rates, low vibration and quiet operationare the distinguishing features of the MX 100/140series. A long service life, even under the toughestof endurance conditions, is a clear indication of itsmature industrial quality.

  | 103 – 140 l/min | Single Phase, 3 Phase or Petrol |

MX 250/300 Open Series – Mobile Compressor 225/350Bar

The MX 250/300 Open series is optimised for professional use and  corresponds with the state-of-the-art technology thanks to the available options.

  | 250 – 300 l/min | 3 Phase, Diesel or Petrol |

MX 250/300 Silent Series – Mobile Compressor 225/350Bar

The silent casing not only reduces noise levels, but it also optimises the cold air supply at the same time.

This ensures reliable output and high-quality air, even when the device is in continuous operation.

  | 250 – 300 l/min | 3 Phase, Diesel or Petrol |

MX 400/500/600 Silent Series – 225/350Bar

Extremely low rpm rates combined with a high supply output, a very large cooler.Separately driven air coolers, all in a compact extra silent casing make the MX400/500/600 silent series the perfect choice.

Like no other unit in this performance class, the 4-level C-block combines space saving properties with high end performance.

 | 400 – 600 l/min | 3 Phase |

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