330ltr Air Receiver

Air Receiver Range

Including indoor and outdoor (grit-blasted) options, manual and automatic drain options and various sizes to suit different applications.

| 150 – 5200 litre |

Air Line and Manifold Accessories

A complete range of hose reels, air lines and hoses, attachments and fittings. Drains, valves, gauges, regulators and everything inbetween.

* Service Kits and Parts Available for all makes and Models

solenoid drain w strainer
Push-Fit-One-Touch-Fittings pipework fittings

FOD Series – Oily Water Separator

Once the condensate has been removed from the compressed air, it still needs to be cleaned in order to be in-line with local environmental legislations. For this process, oil-water separators are used. Separating both substances (water and oil) results in rinsed water which can be discarded easily. The limited amount of oil has to be discharged in a specialised disposal centre.

| 28 – 1789 CFM |