Air Pipe Systems & Pipework Solutions

Adaptive Air Compressors have extensive knowledge with air pipe, pipework installation and the fittings required to complete a pipework install. Using the correct size and type of air pipe is imperative to maximise the air flow and maintain pressure in your system.

Maxair PE100 – Compressed Air Pipe

Maxair PE 100 pipe is manufactured in accordance to AS 4130 / AS 4131 and is accordingly guaranteed for 50 years.
A product of advanced materials technology which outperforms other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance, compatibility with compressor oils & ease of installation and alteration.

| 20 – 250mm |

Europress 304/316 – Stainless Compressed Air Pipe

The Europress Stainless Steel system is the ideal solution for drinking water systems as the AlSI 316L stainless steel used is completely hygienic and highly corrosion resistant. The standard o-rings made of black EPDM, are resistant to aging, heat and chemical additives.

The reliable, high-quality components are suitable for heating, cooling, compressed air, oil and diesel lines in the civil, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

| 15 – 168mm |

Unipipe – Aluminium Compressed Air Pipe

Unipipe can be installed quickly and easily to create complex piping systems.

Application: Compressed Air (low & Hgh Pressure), Oil, Water Fire Suppression and Vaccum.
Max Working Pressure: 16 Bar

| 20 – 160mm |